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Ambre v2.1.0 is a minor update that adds Timers, Interactive Widgets, Hand-off Support & Desktop Widgets to Ambre for macOS.

Ambre v2.0.0 is an update to iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS. At the beginning of June we attended WWDC at Apple Park and have been developing for the new update since, trying to make the most of all the new APIs. This update adds these new features:

About the app

Ambre is a recipe app for the Apple Enthusiast that enjoys cooking. With the latest technologies provided by Apple, we take the cooking experience to the next level. Ambre is available on all Apple devices that can run 3rd party apps.

Your recipes and their progress are synced across all your devices using iCloud. Thanks to Core Data, all your recipes are available offline. Once a recipe is Cooking it can be interacted with using Siri, making sure you can follow the recipe even with sticky fingers. If you have a HomePod in your kitchen, you can ask Siri for instructions on what to do next.

Privacy is a core value at Ambi Studio, so none of our apps have any kind of tracking added. The only analytics we have access to is the ones that have been forwarded and anonymized by Apple.

The team

Ambi Studio consists of Sofia Larsson, César Pinto Castillo and their dog Ellie (official title: Mood manager). Sofia is a textile engineer with an eye for design and started coding roughly 3 years ago. César has made apps for the Apple platform since 2010 and also does freelancing.

They are located in Oxelösund, a small city an hour south of Stockholm, Sweden.

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Stand by mode Watch OS 10 Interactive Widgets Desktop Widgets


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Live Activity Live Activities Live Activities Expanded Recipes

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Stack widget Recipes Recipe Ingredients Instruction

Apple TV



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